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Q: Professor Kai thank you for allowing us to learn from your experience and expertise in the field of Urology and Andrology. We shall

Q:  Professor Kai thank you for allowing us to learn from your experience and expertise in the field of Urology and Andrology. We shall not waste your time and get right to the questions. The first question is, how long have you been in this field? And why did you choose Urology and Andrology?

Prof. Kai: 

34 years ago I started my medical education with a focus on Urology and Andrology, working in different institutions.  The greatest proportion of that time I spend at the university clinic Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. I’ve had a very active clinical and scientific career there,  which I continued during my years as a chief urologist at the Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim.

As a medical student, I had by chance a very positive experience with people and topics involved in Urology. Based on that, Urology and Andrology became the most interesting field in medicine for me: We are treating men and women, young and elder patients, equally; Furthermore, we as urologists are taking care of our patients starting from the diagnostics up to treatment by medication or surgery. Including open, minimally invasive and robotic-assisted procedures. Therefore, Urologists are very innovative in using modern knowledge and technologies.

Q: When you joined German Medical Center in Dubai, do you know why is it implementing German medical technology?

Prof Kai:

Dubai Health care system and especially German Medical Center is outstanding in attracting high-class and progressive medicine. The clinical institution provides all the modern techniques and facilities and professional experience is invited from international specialised centres.

Q: Based on your profile, you acquired most of your education and training in Germany. What is the difference between German medical technologies as compared to other medical technologies? 

Prof Kai: 

The well-known label “Made in Germany” stands for high quality. German medical standards are concentrated on patients’ specific needs, distinct efficiency and safety. Quality management including scientific based guidelines, standardised procedures, evaluation, and continuous improvement of treatment results is the core of our German professionality. Many manufacturers of medical technology are of German origin.

Q: On andropause or male menopause, what are the changes a man will observe in his sexual and overall health? 

Prof. Kai:

Andropause or male menopause is a very important period in a man’s life: mental and physical functions are reaching their top performance and are facing to decrease: in memory, ability to concentrate, muscle and joint strength, cardiovascular potential, libido and erection.

Q: Does a man need to fear anything about andropause?

Prof. Kai:

Men should fear andropause if they do not contact the specialist to check for upcoming health risks or to treat existing complaints. The ideal specialist is the urologist or andrologist; he or she has the expertise to evaluate and solve problems.

My personal life experience and 34 years of andrological experience and scientific work support my aptitude to help men with these complaints.

Q: What is your best medical advice to women with urinary tract and pelvic issues? Why would they rather see their Urologist instead of their Ob Gyne? 

Prof. Kai: 

Pelvic floor disorders are a very big issue for women! The urinary tract, pelvic floor and gynaecological organs are linked together, not only due to their anatomical neighbourhood but also concerning their function. Both, gynaecologists and urologists have their specific focus and perspective on these topics. Therefore, women with these problems should see both gynaecologists and urologists. Urologists in particular are highly experienced in managing disorders and complain of bladder voiding and incontinence.

In German Medical Center you find as well urologists as gynaecologists experienced in this field. For that, I contribute the expertise I gained during my long-time clinical practice in the evaluation of bladder function and urogynaecological evaluation of female incontinence, infection, blood in urine etc.

 Q. Last but certainly not least, as one of the primary Urologists and Andrologist at GMCDHCC and of all of the people in the center, you are a reliable source to answer this next question. Why should anyone choose to visit the German Medical Center? Rather than visit any of the centers in Dubai?

Prof. Kai: 

The combination of German medical standards together with the understanding of the specific demands and needs of the multicultural people here in Dubai are the great advantages of GMCDHCC! Our collaboration between different disciplines as well as modern equipped hospitals is the guarantee for patients to find a trustful doctor for their complaints. GMCDHCC offers modern and specialised diagnostics and treatments.

We are highly focused on taking care of your demands concerning your medical disorders.

Thank you for this interview and the opportunity to explain my way to performing my professional principles and my decision to be part of the team at German Medical Center

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