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At German Medical Center, we value our patients' feedback and are committed to providing the highest quality of care. We welcome and encourage our patients to share their concerns and feedback with us so that we can continuously improve our services.

German Medical Center is open to suggestions, opinions, and feedback regarding our medical services treatments. Feedback is essential in ensuring the facility keeps improving and is kept in touch with patient requirements and needs.

We look forward to your recommendations. Your complaints provide us with insight regarding our health care system and health safety-related issues. Additionally, it will provide information that will aid us in improving patient safety and to reduce the chances of such an event occurring again.

GMC’s complaint system is set in place in the case where a patient’s physical wellbeing has been in danger and jeopardy due to malpractice, administration negligence or medical errors. You have the right to file a complaint expressing your concern about your health care or the quality of service you are being provided with. It is your right to be granted an adequate response within a certain time period. We encourage you to express your concerns immediately with the staff or the manager of the department.

  • German Medical Center (GMC) respects the rights of patients and their families.
  • Department Managers are accountable for immediate response to complaints. Complaints that require further investigation and are ongoing are forwarded to the Director of Quality.
  • Urgent complaints are directly received by the Director of Quality
  • It is the responsibility of the Director of Quality to monitor the process and procedure of complaints and to ensure they comply with facilities policy and requirements.

The patient complaint is an expression of unsatisfactory care or service that requires a response. The patient grievance is a verbal or written made to the facility by the patient or their representative that is of serious concern and demands an immediate response by staff. Billing issues do not fall under this category unless they involve service clinical concerns as well. The following should be notified to the Director of Quality and are considered patient grievances when the complaint involves:

  • Patient exercising their right regarding their care
  • Safety and privacy of the patient
  • Accessing patient records and confidentiality breached
  • Charges of abuse
  • Disability or civil rights issues
  • Charges of unprofessional behavior by a staff member


At the time of appointment with the facility, you are provided with patient material. The material contains patient rights and your right to complain or inform of a concern. As a patient, you can file for a complaint verbally, in writing, via phone or email. Telephone and verbal complaints should be recorded in written form and repeated to ensure the exact grievance is outlined.

The next step is the investigation of the complaint and its eventual resolution. Complaints received by the Director will be resolved with the involved department promptly. In cases where unprofessional behavior and staff attitude is concerned Human Resources will also be involved. A patient’s complaint investigation procedure is completely confidential. Those investigating can only divulge information to those who need to know and those who will provide background information or those advising.

Written complaints are acknowledged through phone call or a written response within three days of filing the. Post investigation of the complaint a written response will be sent within 28 working days since the complaint has been filed. Those meetings that occur face to face with the Manager will not require a written response from the facility.

GMC can discreetly employ other tools to investigate the complaint. These may include meeting and questioning the patient’s family or other methods required and necessary at the time. Special needs patients will be provided with a translator to ensure the patient is aware of the process in accordance with the patient’s rights.

The facility maintains patient complaint records for up to 5 years since the complaint has been filed. Slight service complaints are recorded on an Incident Report form by an employee on the spot. Whereas major complaints are recorded on the GMC Complaint Form. This will include the progress, investigation, and resolution of the issue. These forms cannot be distributed to the patient or their family members. These forms are for internal facility use to improve quality service. These forms are forwarded to the Director of Quality along with the attached documents.

GMC encourages patients to file complaints in case of any negligence so the facility administration can ensure improvement in the quality of health care provided and impeccable staff behavior. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a staff member for any concerns you have regarding your treatment at the hospital. It is our duty to make sure the investigation is timely and your complaint is met with resolution.

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