Coping with Examination Stress through Homeopathy

Being anxious before the exam is very common but, being overtly anxious and leading to a panic attack with palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath or

Commonly encountered symptoms during exams:


Being anxious before the exam is very common but, being overtly anxious and leading to a panic attack with palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath or fainting calls for medical intervention.

Fear and apprehension before exams

Some students are confident whereas others are fearful and apprehensive bent upon negative thinking that they will forget what they have studied or what we call fear of Failure’.

Some of them tend to have a blackout before or during the exams.

This leads to nervousness, and low confidence leading to low self-esteem.


Being nervous before an interview leads to fumbling and the loss of the right words. This is something that can be addressed with Homeopathic medicines as they allow to trigger a response from the Central Nervous System to reduce the overstimulation of neurones, which leads to nervousness.

Taking a few doses of the right homeopathic medicine through expert advice will help you overcome your anxiety, fears and apprehension.

It will gain back your lost confidence and self Esteem.

Brain fog

Mental and physical exhaustion due to overstudying, especially in a high-stress competitive environment can also be catered to through natural homeopathic medicines which help in reviving your energy levels on the emotional and physical front.

Loss or increase: of appetite is commonly seen while preparing for exams due to an increase in the hormone ghrelin also known as the ‘stress hormone’ which triggers overeating commonly seen in patients with eating disorders as well.

Overexhaustionand such eating disorders can be dealt with the continuous medication along with the right diet to gain back your normal health.

Gastric symptoms: nervousness like nausea, vomiting, acidity and loose stool with gurgling in the stomach and gas formation is also very commonly seen amongst students.

Elimination of Gastric symptoms along with regain of appropriate appetite can be achieved slowly and steadily through the homeopathic intervention which works not only on neutralising the excess acid formation in the stomach but also reviving the intestinal flora which aids in a healthy digestion process.

Last but not least Insomnia or lack of sleep resulting from an overanxious mind.

A Homeopath has a very good range of calming down medicines which help you sleep better so that you are well-rested before your exams. Good sleep definitely helps to stimulate the brain and create an active mind from an overactive or dull state of mind.

Homeopathy which is a branch of alternative medicine recognized by the Ministry of Health of UAE works in a simple and gentle manner with no side effects or dependency. It works on the principle of self-stimulation mechanism of the body without introducing any chemical substance into the body.


Homoeopathic medicines are readily available in UAE and covered by most insurance companies.

Natural Tips to be Followed with homeopathic medicines to achieve desirable faster Results:

  • Do deep breathing
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Go in fresh air for 30 min daily
  • Eat iron and protein-rich food
  • Exercise 15-30 min daily
  • Destress yourself with family time
  • Listen to music while studying
  • Have good 6-7 hrs sleep
  • Discuss or talk to family n friends when overwhelmed
  • Eat 10 soaked almonds every day

Remember you need to

  • Take it easy
  • It is not the end if you don’t do well.

Life will continue to move, prosper, and grow and so will you as you learn from your mistakes.

  • Go one step at a time.
  • Planning is the key.
  • The portion well planned is half the work done.
  • Focus on the current topic and don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed.
  • Break the big portion into smaller achievable goals.
  • Small steps help to achieve the desired results.

If it is required, take professional help and support from the people around you such as doctors, your parents, your teachers, and mentors.

It takes time to reach the goal so enjoy and nourish each step of the process.

Dr. Ritu Manchanda

M.D. (HOM)

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