Female fertility is a phase every seven years

Female fertility is a phase every seven years.

  1. Start: 14 years old – The reproductive organs are mature, menstruation is regular. Have fertility.Develop: 21 years old – Female hormones are adequate. Grow wisdom teeth. Physical development is complete, but still tendPrime: 28 years old -Optimal fertility.
  2. 4. Decline: 35 years old – Energy and blood begin to appear insufficient. Signs of aging can be seen on the face. The hair quality and volume are not as good as before
  3. Fading: 42 years old – The complexion is dull and the skin is sagging. Gray hair appears. The reproductive capacity is significantly reduced.
  4.  This is the average age of menopause. Women lose their reproductive capacity.

This written record appears in the first century BC Chinese medicine classics. This is highly consistent with the understanding of modern medicine.

Some women have irregular menstruation around 42 years old. The symptoms are more or less the volume of the bleeding or a longer or shorter menstrual cycle. Acupuncture and/or Chinese medicine can adjust endocrine and stabilize ovarian function.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of more than 3,000 years. It has plenty of clinical experience that has been proven to be effective and can still treat diseases today.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat diseases by identifying the root cause of a disease. Then, Chinese medicine can treat symptoms or alleviate pain in the body.

Using acupuncture and Chinese medicine not only helps women to maintain their healthy ovaries, but it can also help them to avoid or prevent some serious health problems, such as endometriosis (disordered tissue growth in the uterus and pelvic area), ovarian cysts (a fluid-filled sac that appears on your ovary), fibroids (small tumors that form along the walls of your uterus), urinary tract infections and more.

Your doctor may also recommend you take medication or special foods if abnormal ovulation occurs. Medication may be prescribed to regulate hormones.

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