What is microbiome? The microbiome is composed of communities of bacteria (and fungi and viruses).

Human gut contains an estimated 100 trillion microbes, which comprised of up to a 1000 different species, weighing as much as 1-2 kg. The number of gut microbiome surpasses the number of human cells, and the number of unique protein-encoding genes of microbiome is about 100 times as much as the entire human genome. Recent advances in genome sequencing technologies have contributed the development in our understanding of the function of gut microbiome. Scientists have found each of these microbiome plays an important role not only in digestion, but also in immune system, brain, weight and many other aspects of health. In fact, humans are even hard to survive without the gut microbiome.

What is the beneficial aspect of microbiome?

Studies have shown the association of microbiome with not only digestive diseases such as colon cancer or ulcerative colitis, but also other diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases or cognitive disorders. Recent study also shows the therapeutic potential of gut microbiome. Targeted antibiotics against certain microbiota, taking probiotics and prebiotics for selective expansion of beneficial microbiota, and fecal transplantation from healthy population to restore healthy microbiome are suggested as efficient strategies for treating diseases associated with gut microbiome imbalance.

Gut microbiome and erectile function

Recent cross-sectional study surveyed in 408 men in Japan showed a possible association of gut microbiome with erectile function. With tag sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene in fecal samples, they showed the relative decrease of Alistipes (related with anti-inflammation) and the relative increase of Clostridium XVIII (related with bowel movement) in the group with erectile disfunction. Though the causal relationship between the gut microbiome and erectile disfunction has yet to be determined, this study indicates the possible beneficial effect in erectile function by improving gut microbiome.

Microbiome analysis

In collaboration with Freiburg Medical Laboratory, we are providing comprehensive gut biome analysis, called “myBIOME” powered by MICROBA.

What you can get from myBIOME?

In addition to the percentages of important species of bacteria, you can get a comprehensive analysis of your gut biome.

These include but are not limited to;

  • Inflammatory potential
  • Prone to be obesity and diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease risk
  • Prone to kidney stones
  • Prone to depression or anxiety
  • Erectile function as mentioned above

You may also get diet recommendations, to increase or decrease certain species of bacteria.

What is the limitation of the microbiome analysis?

However, we also have to refer to the limitation of the microbiome analysis.

These include;

  • Instability of the individual’s microbiome
  • Inter- and intrasubject variability
  • Diet can induce changes in the microbiome
  • No standardization between laboratories
  • Clinically relevant diagnostic is still in the research phase

Upon understanding these limitations, it is important to follow the advice/recommendations of the report, especially when your symptoms/diseases correspond to the microbiome analysis.






日本の408人の男性を対象に調査された最近の横断研究は、腸内細菌叢と勃起機能との関連の可能性を示しました。 糞便サンプル中の16SrRNA遺伝子のタグシーケンスにより、勃起不全のグループでAlistipes(抗炎症に関連)の相対的な減少とClostridium XVIII(排便に関連)の相対的な増加が示されました。 腸内細菌叢と勃起不全との因果関係はまだ解明されていませんが、この研究は腸内細菌叢を改善することによって勃起機能に有益な効果がもたらされる可能性を示しています。


当院では、Freiburg Medical Laboratoryと協力して、MICROBAを搭載した「myBIOME」と呼ばれる包括的な腸内細菌分析を提供しています。




  • 炎症の可能性
  • 肥満や糖尿病になりやすい
  • 心血管疾患のリスク
  • 腎臓結石を起こしやすい
  • うつ病や不安神経症になりやすい
  • 上記の勃起機能など





  • 個人の微生物叢の不安定性
  • 被験者間および被験者内の変動性
  • 食事はマイクロバイオームの変化を引き起こす可能性があります
  • 検査機関間での基準値は定まっていません
  • 臨床診断への応用はまだ研究段階です


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