Myths of Homeopathy That Most People Don’t know

Medicinal science remains haunted by numerous myths and unorthodox opinions.

Medicinal science remains haunted by numerous myths and unorthodox opinions. And the probability of your medical knowledge being wrong is very close to 1. After all, for many years, people believed that humans use only 10% of their brains. But where’s the truth in this? In the same way, myths about homeopathy greatly prevail among people. Therefore, it is very important to debunk some of the most common myths about homeopathy and understand what’s actually true.

Myth # 1: Homeopathy is a very slow process

The fact is homeopathy is not a slow process. The time required for the cure and treatment depends upon the patient and when he approaches the doctor. Severe chronic illness will definitely require more time for treatment. But the early the patient reaches out to the doctor, the lesser the time homeopathy takes.

Myth # 2: Its medicines are placebo

Many scientific studies prove that homeopathic medicines cause no placebo effects. The medicines have treated millions of people around the globe. All homeopathic medicines undergo potentization, making them safe to use.

Myth # 3: Homeopathic medications are just water

Not at all! Homeopathy is not that simple. All the medicines undergo a combined process of dilution and succession, which is basically potentisation through vigorous shaking. Around 4,000 homeopathic medicines are now available and all of them are evidence-based.

Myth # 4: Homeopathy is an alternative to surgery

This is another fallacious belief that is widely accepted. The truth is homeopathy is not always an alternative to surgical operations. It is important to remember that surgical conditions can only be treated by surgeries and not homeopathy.

Myth # 5: Homeopathy doesn’t need any diagnosis

Diagnosis and investigation are the forefront ventures of any medical professional. And this pertains to the fact that homeopathy also requires meticulous diagnosis, research, and investigation if needed.

Myth # 6: Homeopathy medicines contain steroids.

Since homeopathy produces quick and efficient results, many people believe its medicines contain steroids. Well, you wish! Instead of steroids, homeopathic medicines contain only natural ingredients. One good evidence is that homeopathic medicines are sweet while steroids taste bitter.

Myth # 7: You can’t take any other medicines with Homeopathy

There’s nothing to worry about when taking homeopathic medicines. They can be consumed with other medicines and can also help to reduce several side-effects like that caused by chemotherapy. However, in some cases, doctors may restrict certain medications if they interfere with the treatment.

Myth # 8: Homeopathic medicines are not for Diabetic Patients

Despite being sweet, homeopathic medicines contain a complex sugar known as lactose, instead of glucose that is harmful to diabetic patients. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are also available in liquid form, which is not sweet.

Myth # 9: Homeopathy cannot treat acute diseases

This is not true. In fact, homeopathy can treat both chronic illnesses and acute diseases. These include vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Homeopathy is not effective only for the conditions where immediate hospitalization and thorough treatment is needed.

Myth # 10: Self-medication in homeopathy is possible

Of course not! No matter what your condition might be, self-medication of any kind can pose serious health issues. It is always best to consult a homeopath in starting the treatment. Knowing the names of medicines and a quick Google search is not an effective solution.

Homeopathy is a widely followed procedure around the globe. It is always important to know the right procedures and medicines, used by qualified doctors, to prevent any health issues. Homeopathy has produced great results for millions of people. The aforementioned myths are simply baseless.

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