What is pilonidal sinus and their symptoms?

What is pilonidal sinus and what are the symptoms, symptoms can vary from person to person:

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Like the sinus under your nose, it runs back into the soft tissue and is covered by small hairs. The sinus gets its name from the large number of hairs that stick out of it (the Latin “pilus” means hair). Many don’t get symptoms but have a pilonidal sinus which can cause problems if infected. When this happens it is called ‘pilonidal abscess.

Pilonidal sinus is a common condition that affects the skin at the top of your buttocks. There’s an underlying hair-bearing structure (the sacrococcygeal commissure). Over time, this can become damaged and pus-filled. This can cause a painful infection.

Pilonidal sinus is most common in young men, though it can happen at any age. It often begins as a small hump or dimple in the skin. But if left untreated, it can become infected and cause serious problems with your health. Pilonidal sinus is most common in men aged between 20 and 40. It may affect women, but it’s less likely. If you develop a pilonidal sinus, there’s an increased risk of the infection spreading to your nearby lymph nodes. This can cause swelling and discomfort around your anus and lower back.

They’re often painful and may need to be drained by a doctor. If you have a small lump or bump near your anus, it’s important to get it checked by your doctor. They may recommend surgery to remove the infected tissue and prevent the problem from getting worse. The symptoms of a pilonidal sinus include Pain and tenderness around your anus or lower back A red, inflamed area that looks like an abscess or boils An open wound that may drain pus or blood.

If you have a pilonidal sinus, it’s important to see a general surgeon as soon as possible. They’ll be able to examine your skin and let you know whether or not there’s an infection present. If so, they may prescribe antibiotics to clear up the problem. The skin around the opening of a pilonidal sinus can become red and swollen. This is usually painful, but not always. If the infection spreads, it can also cause abscesses to form. These are pockets of pus that build up in your skin or under the surface of your tissue.

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