Young Adults and “Hemorrhoid/Anal” Problems

Young tall MEN are not seldom suffering from an Prolaps of the lowest rectal part,

Where the Hemorrhoids are located, and so it is often misinterpreted as a Hemorrhoid-Prolaps. Usually the Hemorrhoids in this case are not enlarged, but the prolapsing tissue is squeezed by the sphincter muscles, edema and thrombosis’ are developing. As a treatment the lifting Procedure known as Recto-Anal-repair is the proper treatment and nearly pain free and efficient. Sitzbath and local analgetic crèmes can improve the acute situation and are a conservative alternative.

Some of the prolaps do not get better on this kind of treatment. These patients suffer from constipation or diarrhea, which should be treated in a special way.

More and more people are waiting for surgery to solve their prolaps. There are a lot of different opinions about the causes and the frequency of this disease, but according to some experts it is clearly hereditary and causing by many reasons: obesity, pregnancy, and disease like diabetes. The symptoms are: prolapse of the anus (recto-anal rectal prolapse) with hemorrhoids as well as anorectal pain at rest or worse during defecation. The prolaps are often located in the ischiorectal fossa and have no discrete external signs.

If you have prolaps, there is a treatment after examination and discussion of your symptoms with your doctor. He will decide how to treat you. If you are long-term sufferer, you can expect that only as result of surgery, your prolaps will be cured. This kind of surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia and is reserved for patients with an anorectal prolapse in need of surgical correction to achieve good control of the anal sphincter muscles (recto-anal-repair).

An Anal Thrombosis, known as external Hemorrhoids, is the second disease often affecting young men, who are sportive active. High sphincter tonus and pressure, for example from bicycles are the reasons

A third disease, described as Pilonidal Sinus, is ingrown hairs in the lower back area. That is often a chronic inflammatory disease with fistula and abscess, needing an individual treatment, to reach a good cosmetic result and avoid relapses; though in the age after 40 it disappears by itself.

The last disease is affecting young WOMEN as well; in these cases a cosmetic, minimal-invasive procedure in mandatory.

More often chronic anal pain after bowel movement and blood traces are niggling young Ladies. An Analfissure will be found, caused by irregular bowel movement, by constipation. There are different treatment options, individualized related to the situation; conservatively with regulation of the bowel movement, pain killing crèmes and Soft-Laser and operatively in severe cases.

An important problem, because of the frequency, is the Hemorrhoid-disease during Pregnancy.

The pressure of the growing baby, irregular bowel movements and hormonal changings can lead to a more or less big Prolapse of the Hemorrhoideal Region. Our goal is to assure a stabilization and reduction of the complaints conservatively. An operative treatment during Pregnancy is only needed in severe cases. Most Prolapses disappear after delivery. Resistant Problems can be treated after the breast-feeding period. The conservative treatment is here favored to protect the Baby.

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