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What is Urology?

The medical field of ‘Urology’ is associated to the diseases of the urinary tract in both women and men, along with the reproductive tract diseases. Urologists can be classified in to two major groups where there are Urologists that focus on general diseases related to urinary tract, while, some specialize in the treatment of particular type of urological diseases, for example:

  • Male infertility, that treats the issues in men to conceive babies with their partners
  • Female urology, that deals with the diseases related to urinary and reproductive tract of women
  • Pediatric urology, that caters the problems of urinary tract in children
  • Neurourology, that deals with nervous system related urinary problems
  • Urologic oncology, that treats the kidneys, bladder, testicular and prostate cancers

Who is a Urologist?

Urologists are the doctors that practice urology and treat and diagnose the aforementioned problems relating to the urinary and reproductive tract in both men and women.

Urologists can also be considered as surgeons that perform surgeries in the urinary tract for blockage removal and other diseases such as cancer and tumors. These days, all major hospitals and private clinics usually have a complete department of urology or nephrology with expert panel of Urologists.

Urinary tract is a crucial part of the human system through which the urine is produced, stored, and passed. Urologists possess expertise regarding the treatment of the urinary tract and its all parts, including kidneys which filter and purify the blood, ureters tubes which pass the urine to bladder from kidneys, bladder that contains the urine, urethra through which urine flows out of the bladder and body and adrenal glands located over both kidneys that release the relative hormones.

Apart from the urinary tract, problems in male reproductive system is also treated by Urologists. It includes, treatment of the penis that is used to pass urine out of body and ejaculate sperm, prostate gland which produces seminal fluid to protect sperm and testicles that produce sperm and testosterone hormone in males.

When to visit a Urologist?

Urologists deal with a widespread variety of issues that affect the urinary and reproductive system. One must visit a Urologist if they have or they suspect that they have trouble in urinating, frequent or urgent need to urinate, blood in your urine, pain in your lower back, pelvis, or sides and decreased sexual desire.

Some most common diseases that are treated by Urologists include infections in urinary tract, kidney stones, bladder prolapse, cancers including that of kidneys, bladder, testicles and prostate gland in adults, and undescended testicles, bed wetting and urinary tract blockages in children.

Urinary tract problems are very common nowadays and must not be ignored. Most of the urinary tract problems are curable if addressed on time. Therefore, everyone should monitor their urinary tract regularly by getting their kidneys tested through simple blood tests such as Creatinine, that can point out if there is any infection in the kidneys or urinary tract. You should also see a Urologist if you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms.

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