Healing and Rejuvenating with Nature
in Dubai

Holistic healing medical centers in the Gulf Region often deal with a variety of health concerns including allergies, cancer....

Healing and Rejuvenating with Nature in Dubai

Some of the most common complaints in the region are health concerns including allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart-circulation, weight problems, pain, stomach-intestine issues, and lack of memory.

Despite regular attempts to control or eliminate these complaints through conventional medicine, many people have found limited success.

Thankfully, scientific substantiated Alternative Medicine offers new options for those seeking relief. Holistic healing treatment has proven effective in many chronic complaints, as well as in cases where individuals prefer natural cures.

Experienced practitioners in the field of natural healing treatment have developed their own proven systems over the years, combining different methods for healing to view the patient as a whole, rather than just treating the symptoms.   One such practitioner is Dr. Darya Homayounfar, a Doctor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Munich, Germany.   Since 1994, Dr. Homayounfar has instructed doctors in Alternative Medicine, conducted scientific research on suitable healing plants, and successfully treated his patients. He also consulted Harvard Medical University in Boston, USA, on cancer therapies for Dubai University Hospital from 2004. However, the loss of two relatives to cancer in 2007 changed his life, leading him to commit permanently to projects and patients in Dubai Healthcare City.   At the German Medical Center, Dr. Homayounfar leads the Alternative Medicine Department, offering holistic health treatments to patients from across the Gulf Region and from abroad.   Already the first consultation can easily take more than an hour to explore the often various medical record. Like in a puzzle even the smallest piece can be the key to a successful treatment. The next step of Doctor Homayounfar’s philosophy is to carefully examine the patient in all fields of the conventional western medicine from head to toe.   The diagnostic results allow him to determine how the patient's system actually works and why it is not functioning like it should.   The next step of Dr. Homayounfar's philosophy is the natural cure, which involves the individual composition of natural medicinal plants used for thousands of years to activate diverse enzyme functions and metabolic processes for healing. Over several weeks, patients drink individually arranged plant mixtures to maintain a constant healing level in the body.     The other part of Dr. Homayounfar's treatment plan consists of various natural treatments that support the cure as a whole. Success control is also done by examination follow-up checks. In addition, a dialogue with the patient during appointments help to find and show new ways for individual comfort and wellbeing, as discontentment and stress can prevent the body from being balanced and healthy.   Dr. Homayounfar's intensive and individualized natural healing treatments have achieved positive results for a wide range of complaints, as they focus on regenerating and balancing the whole system of the body for long-term health.   Anti – Aging Program – custom-built from your own cells:   A personalized healing program is tailored to your specific needs and result in reduced wrinkles, improved skin texture, and the disappearance of dark circles and inflammations, resulting in a velvety smooth skin.   In addition, Dr. Homayounfar's natural healing treatments for damaged skin conditions involve using a laboratory process to fill wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation with the patient's own blood, resulting in a natural, long-lasting, and elastic material without the use of artificial substances. Originally developed for maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Homayounfar has refined this treatment since 1994 to cater to patients with allergies to conventional artificial materials.   These examples demonstrate the unlimited potential of natural healing when carried out by an experienced practitioner.   Don't wait any longer to take control of your health. Contact us today to schedule Best Naturopathy Treatment in Dubai at the German Medical Center in Dubai

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