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Are you suffering from a joint injury or pain that has been bothering you for a while? Have you been advised to consider arthroscopic surgery? If yes, then you might be wondering who the best arthroscopic surgeon in Dubai is.
Look no further than Dr. Marwan El-Khazen, one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Dubai. He has a special interest in arthroscopic surgery and has years of experience in treating various joint problems. Dr. El-Khazen’s expertise in arthroscopy has earned him the title of the Best Orthopedic Surgeon for Arthroscopic Surgery in Dubai

Dr. Marwan El-Khazen is a Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon who has more than 35 years of surgical experience in Germany and in the UAE. He received his Doctorate Degree in Surgery in Dusserldorf, Germany in 1982, since then he had extensive experience in private and public hospital across Europe and Middle East.

Dr. Marwan had several publications and received multiple awards for his excellence and contribution to the Society. His focus in his chosen profession is Arthroscopy (Knees, Shoulders and Ankle), Intra-articular Injections, and Physiotherapy Referrals.

When it comes to orthopedic surgeries, finding a reliable and experienced surgeon is crucial for a successful outcome. Dr. Marwan El-Khazen is a top orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, specializing in a wide range of orthopedic conditions and procedures. He has extensive experience in various areas of orthopedics, including arthroscopic surgery, spinal injuries, neck and back pain, osteoporosis, and sports injuries.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery: Dr. Marwan El-Khazen is a leading expert in arthroscopic surgery, which is a minimally invasive technique used to diagnose and treat joint problems. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow. This procedure involves using a small camera and instruments to view and repair damaged joints, resulting in less pain, minimal scarring, and faster recovery time.
  • Spinal Injuries and Fractures: Dr. Marwan El-Khazen is an expert in treating spinal injuries and fractures. He specializes in spinal surgeries that aim to relieve pain, restore function, and stabilize the spine. He uses the latest techniques and technologies to diagnose and treat spinal conditions, including minimally invasive spinal surgeries, spinal fusion, and disc replacement surgeries.
  • Neck and Muscle Stiffness: Neck and muscle stiffness can be a result of various factors, such as aging, injury, or underlying medical conditions. Dr. Marwan El-Khazen offers a wide range of treatments for neck and muscle stiffness, including physical therapy, medication, and minimally invasive procedures. He works closely with his patients to develop personalized treatment plans that suit their needs and lifestyles.
  • Neck and Back Pain: Neck and back pain can affect a person's daily life, causing discomfort, mobility problems, and decreased quality of life. Dr. Marwan El-Khazen offers various treatments for neck and back pain, ranging from medication and physical therapy to more advanced treatments such as spinal injections and surgery.
  • Osteoporosis and Related Fractures: Osteoporosis is a common condition that affects bone density, causing bones to become brittle and fragile, leading to fractures. Dr. Marwan El-Khazen specializes in treating osteoporosis and related fractures, providing patients with personalized care and treatment plans that aim to improve bone density and reduce the risk of future fractures.
  • Sports Injury / Traumatology: As a sports injury specialist, Dr. Marwan El-Khazen has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries. He offers personalized treatment plans that aim to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent future injuries. He works closely with his patients to ensure a successful and timely recovery, allowing them to return to their active lifestyles.

Dr. El-Khazen has years of experience in arthroscopic surgery and has performed hundreds of successful procedures. He uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients. His attention to detail and precision during surgery ensures that patients have a speedy recovery and can return to their normal activities in no time.

Dr. El-Khazen's expertise in arthroscopic surgery covers a wide range of joint problems, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. He also specializes in sports-related injuries and has treated many athletes, including football players, tennis players, and runners.

The consultation process with Dr. El-Khazen is thorough, and he takes the time to listen to his patients and understand their concerns. He uses this information to develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to the individual's needs. His caring and compassionate nature have earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted orthopedic surgeons in Dubai.

Arthroscopic Surgery is one of Dr. El-Khazen's areas of expertise. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow. This minimally invasive surgical technique allows for faster recovery times and less scarring compared to traditional surgery.

Dr. El-Khazen is also experienced in treating spinal injuries and fractures. He understands the complexity of the spine and can provide personalized treatment options to help alleviate pain and restore function.

If you're experiencing neck or muscle stiffness, neck and back pain, or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or a related fracture, Dr. El-Khazen can help. He has extensive experience in managing these conditions and can develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

Sports injuries and traumatology are another area of Dr. El-Khazen's expertise. As a former athlete himself, he understands the importance of getting back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible. Whether you have a sprain, strain, or more severe injury, Dr. El-Khazen can help you get back to doing what you love.

If you're experiencing any orthopedic condition, Dr. Marwan El-Khazen can provide you with the best possible care and treatment. As a leading orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, he has the expertise and experience needed to diagnose, treat and manage various orthopedic conditions. Book an appointment with Dr. Marwan El-Khazen today and take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free life.

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