6 Things Your Urine Says About You

When you visit the restroom, are you in the habit of turning around often and giving

what’s in the toilet a quick glance before pressing the flush button? If the answer is no then you ought to start doing that!

Simply said, this is because you urine’s color, odor, as well as how it feels while streaming out of your body can give you a very important hint about your urinary tract`s health status. To help you protect your body, here are seven warning signs to be on the lookout for every time you visit the restroom:

It Has a Cloudy Appearance

One of the possible clues for the presence of bacteria is the cloudiness of your urine. This alarming sign is due to the elimination of bacteria and white blood cells; the cells that fight off infections. Even if you feel perfectly fine and without any other symptoms suggestive of a urinary infection, you are urged to pay attention to this; it could be the only and earliest sign that an infection is ensuing.

Its color is tinged with red or pink

Though red-purple hued veggies like beets and blackberries might be the culprit, the color can also indicate the presence of blood in your pee—not a good sign. That’s a symptom of a UTI, kidney stones, or in rare cases even bladder or kidney cancer, says Phillips.

It Has a Sweet Odor

Regretfully, this has nothing to do with your ‘craving for dessert’ eating habits. Sweet-smelling urine could be one the clues towards the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus (high blood sugar). People who already suffer from Diabetes know very well that when their urine has a `sweetie` smell, it means that they need to do more aggressive action towards ensuring more tight control on their high blood sugar level!

It has a smelly/offensive odor

Well, urine –by default- is not expected to smell like perfume, but if the stench is obviously foul then that could be a message from your urinary tract alarming you of an ensuing infection. Accordingly, you also ought to pay attention to this as well.

It’s burning alright while urinating

Aha, now that is really an alarming sign. A burning sensation, stinging or even discomfort while you pee can be caused by a urinary infection.

It sure feels like you have to rush to the toilet frequently, even with only few drops flowing out
This is a typical sign of a urinary infection. The existing infection causes the lining of the bladder and urethra (= urinary tract beyond the bladder) to become inflamed and irritated, leaving you with the feeling of constantly having to pee. It can also be a symptom of interstitial cystitis, a hard-to-diagnose condition that results in chronic bladder pressure or pain.

Ladies, do you suspect that there’s some abnormalities in your urine? Then don’t hesitate to consult Dr. Amaya Carreras, the women’s health doctor of German Medical Center – the best women’s health clinic in Dubai. Dr. Carreras is an expert in providing compassionate and personalized treatment for various gynecological ailments, including urinary system diseases.

Dr. Amaya Carreras
Women’s Health Expert

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